Moscato d’Asti docg Canelli 2022


Moscato d’Asti docg Canelli comes from the most suitable area of the appelation “Moscato d’Asti” falling in the provinces of Asti and Cuneo. The peculiar area, together with the lower yield in the vineyard and some more restrictive quality parameters guarantee a product rich and complex well distinguished from mass industrial productions, endowed with surprising complexity and longevity.


Tasting Notes

The wine is characterized by floral and fruity nuances: acacia flowers, pears, golden apples, citrus, pineapple, moss and sage hues. With ageing it develops scents of Honey, candy fruits, lemon grass, mint and petrol.
A perfect match for biscuits, non-creamy pastry and fruit, it combines unexpectedly but successfully with fresh cold cuts and long-fermenting cheeses.
Serving temperature: 9-10°C.
Actual alcohol: 5.2-5.8 % vol.


The grapes come mainly from our estate vineyards located in Canelli at approx. 190 m a.s.l. and has a South-East by South exposure. The slope has an average slant of 15%. The soil, which is highly alkaline, with alternating strata of tuff and silt, is rich in limestone splinters. The grapes obtained are characterized by an always high health, by an excellent level of aromas and acidity which allow the harvest to be delayed until the desired sugar content is reached, without compromising the freshness of the aromas.

Harvest & winemaking

Harvest operations begin between Aug. 18th and Sept. 10th.
After soft pressing, vinification consists of one month of clarification and a cold-storage phase, followed by fermentation at 18° C and by the development of effervescence in a pressure tank for up to 25 days.